No matter how big or how small your business is, if you need a bookkeeper, we’ve got the team to do it. We’ll keep track of financial statements for you to review on a quarterly, monthly, or annual basis. We also offer support for budgeting and forecasting, and we can integrate with any major accounting program, such as Peachtree or Quickbooks.

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Financial Planning

Whether you run a business, or you’re just running your life, financial planning is a key to hitting the goals you set along the way. At Salter Elite Consulting, we’ve got experienced financial planners who can offer you the full range of planning tools you’ll need for success, including tax and estate planning.

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Financial Statement

For any business, financial statements are central to understanding how well your business is doing. But not everyone is an expert, and some people don’t have time to prepare them. We’ll do it for you, allowing you to review monthly, quarterly, or yearly, and we’ll analyze them for you, too. We use the latest accounting software to make sure that we always offer your business actionable analysis and important information.

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When you’re unsure of how to file a tax return, the process can be stressful and time consuming, and you may end up making mistakes. Let our team handle your tax returns. We’ll ask you for the necessary information and do the rest, so you can rest easy.

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Payroll Services

The larger your number of employees gets, the more of a time-consuming pain it becomes to manage your payroll. At Salter Elite Consulting, we know payrolls like the back of our hand. We’ll set up and maintain records, provide time card tabulations, calculate withholdings of tax and benefit contributions, take care of federal and state tax filing, prepare every W-2 and 1099 form, and finally, handle the checks.

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Business Tax Returns

Salter Elite Consulting has been filing business tax returns for years, and we have easily handled any kind thrown at us. From sole proprietorships and partnerships, to LLCs, C Corps, and S Corps, we know how to file your business’s tax return the right way. 

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Tax Planning

Don’t get caught off guard come tax time, Salter Elite Consulting’s tax planning service will get you prepared! We’ll help you come up with a long-term strategy to meet your objectives, and from there we’ll use regular regular forecasts and tax planning to keep your business on track.

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Business Valuations

There are plenty of reasons to get a business valuation, from buying or selling to understanding coverage needs for insurance. No matter your purpose, we’ll give you a fair, honest, and accurate valuation of a business. If you don’t have to guess about something so important, why would you?

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